Tree Surgeons in Knockholt

Sometimes, the way a tree grows can pose safety risks. Its trunk, branches and even roots can cause a huge amount of damage to a property.

Certain species of trees in Knockholt have deep roots that wrap around water and sewage pipes, which can cause the pipes to crack and break when left unresolved.  Other trees become too old and rot away, which can cause it to eventually uproot and fall.

Solutions for Your Tree Care Needs

Protect yourself and your property with our tree care services at Greencut Horticulture Ltd. From nuisance trees and trees with dead branches to those that block the sunshine in a yard, we offer a range of solutions to your tree care needs, including the following:

  • Tree Surgery
  • Tree Reports and Consultancy
  • Wood Fuel

We also offer stump removal and tree management.

Love for the Environment

What really sets us apart is our love for the environment. We recognise that trees are important to the environment, offering not only aesthetic beauty, but also homes for local animals, as well as timber and produce for people. This is why we are dedicated to saving sick, dying or rotting trees whenever possible. If there is an option to prune away the rotted part of a tree, we do it instead of completely ‘falling’ the tree.

Quality Work and Customer Satisfaction

It is easy to say that we are better than or different from all the other tree surgeons in Knockholt, but we make sure to work hard every day so our customers are thoroughly pleased with the quality of our work. Even when our work is finished, we still follow-up to ensure your satisfaction. At Greencut Horticulture Ltd., no job is finished until you are fully satisfied.

Call us today for your tree care needs in Knockholt.

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